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We use the most The assessments we use are supported by in-depth, published research. The assessments themselves have been reviewed numerous times by independent experts and corporate attorneys for fairness and accuracy and have consistently met the standards and scrutiny of these reviewsstrongly predictive, most accurate and most reliable psychometrics to profile your career strengths, interests, abilities and ideal work culture.

When we give you feedback and match you with jobs, it's on the To learn more, see our working paper The Science Behind Matchpoint Careers in the Resources section of this website.basis of evidence, not guesswork.

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Work Culture is the organizational setting where you will be most motivated to do great work. A close match between your preferences and the actual work culture of an organization is a strong predictor of high performance.
Predictive Competencies are the behaviors that drive high performance at work. In different combinations for each job, they are very strong predictors of high performance.
Verbal and numerical reasoning capabilities are the ways in which you deal with complex information and solve problems. They are very strong predictors of high performance at work.

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