Predicting Career Success

Few failures in the workplace result from poor technical skills or lack of knowledge. The vast majority stem from poor "fit". This can be fixed.

Paul Basile will speak at the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) 88th Annual Conference, October 21-23, in San Diego, California. His talk, "College, Career and Workplace Readiness - Why Focus on Non-Cognitive Skills in Schools", will take place on Thursday, October 22 at 3:15pm PST.

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Predictive Career Guidance for All Students

Career Services can provide students with the self-knowledge for choosing courses that lead to careers where they will succeed. Such self-knowledge is accessible for all enrolled students via proven predictive assessments.

Paul Basile will speak at the InternBridge Career Services Online Conference on August 13, at noon, EDT. His talk is titled "Predictive Career Guidance, At Scale".

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Predicting Job Performance

Reduce hiring risk. Increase quality of hire.
Predict performance.

It's easier than you think, it's proven
and it's easy to implement.

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From the April issue of Talent Management Excellence Essentials

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